Areas of Practice

I handle cases involving serious criminal charges anywhere in Washington State, at any level of court: Municipal, District, Superior, Federal and courts of appeal. I will meet with you where it is convenient for you.  I will first consult with you by telephone to arrange a reasonable and convenient meeting place, be it my office, your home, jail or some other place where we can meaningfully discuss your needs.  Initial consultation is free of charge.  I prefer trial of major felony charges and taking cases to jury trial.  I will consider civil cases.  I do not take family law cases.  I do take adult and juvenile criminal cases.

I am skilled at preparing pre-trial arguments that challenge the evidence.   Your case will be fully investigated and researched.  I am successful at challenging the testimony of witnesses by conducting skillful and effective cross examination.   I am especially recognized for skillful jury selection and presenting persuasive argument to the jury.  My talent is in taking cases to the jury and presenting effective argument to judges and other decision makers. I present a persuasive and compelling closing argument.

One crucial benefit of hiring me is my willingness to devote the time necessary to fully investigate, research and prepare your case.  Preparation includes working with you and listening to you.  We will be a team with the goal of getting the best possible result for you.

Cases I have taken to trial, administrative review and represented include: aggravated first degree murder; first and second degree murder;  Manslaughter; first, second, third and fourth degree assault; first and second degree robbery; burglary and criminal trespass; first, second and third degree rape and all levels of statutory sex offenses; property crimes, frauds and thefts; Criminal traffic offenses including vehicular assault, vehicular homicides, DUI and licensing violations; Administrative and various non traffic licensing problems; reinstatement of civil rights; probation reviews; adult and juvenile court issues; appeal to the State Court of Appeals and the Washington State Supreme Court.  I have obtained verdicts of not guilty or substantially reduced charges in all of these levels of offenses.  Sometimes accepting a reduction of charge or a less serious punishment is the best result available.  Sometimes a trial is the best choice.   The decision is always yours to make.  Once we make a decision I work to get the best result.

I have been fortunate to have a high percentage of not guilty verdicts at trial and a high percentage of cases substantially reduced from the charge originally filed to lesser included offenses with substantially lower punishment and collateral consequences.  I do not rest on my record of past success.   It makes no difference what someone else got, the only thing of importance to you is what you get.  My promise is to work hard with you and for you to get the best result for you.

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