Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to consult with a lawyer?

As soon as you think you may be a suspect or possibly in trouble you should consult with an experienced lawyer.  The sooner you get good advice the better the odds are you will have a successful defense.

Q: Is what I say to you confidential?

A: Yes.

Will you do a free case evaluation?

Yes.  I will discuss your case with you at no charge.

Will you accept collect calls even if they are from jail?


Do you take cases with charges like murder and rape?

Yes.  I will take any major felony charge.

Will you consider taking any criminal charge?

Yes.  Including DUI and Gross Misdemeanor cases.

Will you come to visit me in jail?


Is what I say to you confidential?

Yes.  Any discussion with a lawyer about the facts and circumstances of your case is presumed to be protected by the attorney client privilege.  Without your permission I am not allowed to tell anyone what you discuss with me.

Can I use a credit card to pay your fee?


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