I started successfully protecting the rights and interests of folks charged with crimes in 1976.  After more than 36 years I am still at it, still successful, still filled with energy and enthusiasm. I am doing what I love, doing what I am good at. I am ready to help you!

“My philosophy is simple.  I work for you. ”

My philosophy is simple.  I work for you.  In every case I prepare for a trial.  Every case is tried unless there is a good reason not to.  Once I accept responsibility to advise and defend a client I do everything in my power to obtain the best possible result.  With every case and every client I respect the person.  I am not afraid of the charges and I am not afraid to stand between my client and the government.  My advice is based on an honest evaluation and assessment.  I give an accurate and honest evaluation.  I tell my clients the truth and try to find a realistic solution.  No false promises, no getting your money and forgetting about you.  This is, after all, your life I am dealing with.

I believe in a team approach to defense.  I bring to the case my skill in coordinating and organizing a professional team along with my ability as a lawyer working together with my client for the best result possible.  I listen to my l client.

I believe the possibility of a good result exists in every case no matter how dire the circumstances.  My job is to find that result.

I believe in being available to you as needed, when needed.

In the box:  A good lawyer, a good defense a good result.

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